Harvard University Group Health Plan offers a prescription drug benefit through Express Scripts. If you have not received your Express Scripts ID cards, contact Member Services. Please note that only the name of the subscriber will appear on the ID cards.

Simply show your prescription ID card at a participating pharmacy and your copayment will be based on the drug tier. To request additional ID cards, please contact Express Scripts at 877-787-8684.

What your prescription drug copayment covers

A copayment is a set price you pay the pharmacy for up to a 30-day supply of your prescription drug. You pay the copayment even if your physician prescribes less than a 30-day supply of your medication.



Tier 1
Most generic drugs
Tier 2
Preferred brand name drugs
Tier 3
Non-preferred brand name drugs 


Please note, with the HDHP you must meet the plan deductible before the plan covers prescription drug costs. Once you meet the deductible, the same copayment structure applies.