Find a Pediatrician

Members can choose a pediatrician for their children at any of the Atrius Health medical group locations, including Harvard Vanguard.

You and your dependents can select providers at different locations. Contact Member Services once you have selected a pediatrician for your child.

Before your child's first appointment you need to:

1. Select an in-network pediatrician.

2. Call the pediatrician's office to register your child as a new patient

3. Notify Member Services of your selection prior to receiving care.
Without a Pediatrician on file, your child's claims may not be processed, and you may be billed directly for your child's care.

Finding a Pediatrician

HMO members
Select a Pediatrician at an Atrius Health medical group location.

POS and POS Plus* members
For in-network care, select a Pediatrician at an Atrius Health medical group location.

*POS and POS Plus members can select an out-of-network Pediatrician, but will have higher out-of-pocket costs. Review your Benefit Description for details.

Atrius Health
Search for a pediatrician at one of the Atrius Health medical group locations:

  • Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates
  • Dedham Medical Associates
  • Granite Medical Group
  • Plymouth Medical Group

POS and POS Plus Members
Members with the POS or POS Plus plans can select an out-of-network pediatrician. If you choose a pediatrician who does not participate in the Harvard University Group Health Plan network, you will have higher out-of-pocket costs.