Health insurance tax information

All Massachusetts residents above age 18 are required to have health insurance coverage. The 1099-HC form allows residents to confirm health insurance coverage when filing their state taxes—it indicates the months that subscribers carried health insurance coverage that met minimum creditable coverage requirements.

Who receives a 1099-HC form? 

All subscribers who reside in Massachusetts and had minimum creditable coverage will receive the 1099-HC. Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts sends out these letters on behalf of HUGHP.

What will I receive if I have dependents on my plan? 

Only the individual who is the plan subscriber will receive a 1099-HC form. Information on both the subscriber and dependents will be included on the form. Any dependents filing individual income taxes will require information provided on the subscriber’s 1099-HC form—these forms may be photocopied.

When will I receive my form?

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts mails the 1099-HC forms on behalf of HUGHP by January 31 of the following year. In order to request a copy of your 1099-HC, please either call Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts Member Services at 1-800-257-8141 or request it online via Member Central. You will not receive a form if you are less than 18 years old or are a Medicare/Medex member.

Where can I find more information? 

The Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts website can provide more information on the 1099-HC form.